The Smarty Pants Soiree offers an evening trivia contest, pitting friends against friends and companies against companies. It's all in fun and the true winner is the Greensboro Public Library, where the money raised is used for children's services.

Smarty Pants Soirée

Scenes from the 2008 Smarty Pants Soirée
Smarty Pants Soiree
Smarty Pants Soiree
Smarty Pants Soiree
Smarty Pants Soiree
Smarty Pants Soiree

The Smarty Pants Soirée fund-raisers have proved that people love to compete in trivia contests, especially if it means raising money for children's services at the Greensboro Public Library. Held in 2008 and 2010, the Smarty Pants Soirees raised more than $200,000 for the Greensboro Public Library Foundation.

A table of eight people forms a Smarty Pants team. Corporations sponsor teams; individuals gather their friends to form a team.

The money raised from the Smarty Pants Soiree goes directly to children's services at the Library.

The Greensboro Public Library offers children endless possibilities for learning. Its many programs help children improve their reading skills and in turn develop their love for reading.

MAKE THE FUTURE BRIGHTER - Books allow children to escape to another time and place while improving their minds. With your help, you can provide the children of Greensboro with a solid foundation for reading.

SUMMER READING - The library sponsors a summer reading program that incudes incentives and entertaining programs designed to keep kids reading.

STORY TIMES - For children up to 5 years of age, the library sponsors weekly programs designed to promote language development and print recognition skills.

PROMOTING LITERACY THROUGH ART - The Hemphill Branch Library combines art with learning. Hemphill offers traditional library services plus art exhibits and the ArtQuest studio.

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS - Each branch has after-school programs with stories, activities and crafts. In addition, each branch also offers programs that provide a unique learning experience:

  • Glenwood Branch offers programs about diversity and international cultures.
  • The McGirt-Horton and Vance Chavis Branches sponsor programs on African American heritage and culture.
  • The Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch focuses on the environment.