"I was first introduced to books during early school years in the Depression era.
Like many families then, the only book at home was the family Bible. My fourth grade teacher took me to the old Carnegie Public Library and the librarian, a very strict lady, explained how I might borrow a book.
That started it all. It was like walking into a dark room and having someone turn on a light. My eyes were opened to the whole world. Since that time and, indeed, in my retirement years, I have continued to seek the knowledge found in books. Every person in Greensboro deserves the same opportunity and encouragement I received as a lad."

-- Bill Hemphill, founder of the Greensboro Public Library Foundation

Greensboro Library Foundation Purpose

Greensboro Public Library Reading RoomAlthough public funds cover basic needs for the Greensboro Public Library's operating budget, private funding is critically needed to take the Library from being good to being excellent. The Greensboro Public Library Foundation provides this additional funding to enhance the facilities, services, book collections, and other materials of the Library.

The Greensboro Public Library Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, was formed in 2002 to meet the Library's need for private support from civic-minded individuals, businesses, civic groups and foundations. The funding is used at the Central library in downtown Greensboro and at the seven branch libraries located throughout the city.